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20 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Finds from Amazon: Our Top Picks

Welcome to our latest blog post! We’re excited to share with you our current top 20 budget home decor favorites from Amazon. These items are all affordable and stylish, making them perfect for sprucing up your home on a budget. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color, create a cozy atmosphere, or add some organization to your space, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to discover our top picks!

Silk flowers are perfect for the fall and winter when fresh flowers are in shorter supply. Fill your favorite vase with these sweet, silk beauties and smile.

This jute belly plant basket  is super versatile. From using it as a traditional plant basket, to a toy tote, or even a laundry basket you can have one in most any room.

Faux peony flowers in a small gray vase are the sweetest set to brighten up any space. A bathroom countertop, shelf, mantel. Honestly, the options here are endless.

This beautiful area rug by Chris loves Julia and Loloi is a showstopper. The low profile makes it a perfect for bedrooms, dining rooms, and living spaces. The price point is also incredible.

This chic hardwood chair with a velvet cushion is sure to impress. The rattan back makes this chair versatile in many different style settings.

An ottoman is a perfect choice for a variety of spaces. This boho inspired design allows it to be used throughout your entire home. From the bedroom to the living room, it is sure to shine.

This set of three ceramic vases are a great addition to any mantel, bookshelf, or table. The destressed white finish makes this refined rustic set the perfect statement piece.

Level up your bathroom or kitchen with this amber soap dispenser. The matte black pump adds an elegant and expensive touch. Amber glass is also the standard for protecting the product inside.

Love neutral home decor? This natural wooden knot is a wonderful accent piece for any area in your home. You can mix this piece in with almost any style: farmhouse, rustic, modern, boho, transitional, or traditional just to name a few.

This adorable wooden pedestal is just right for a sweet plant or scented candle. The small size keeps it versatile in adding to your kitchen countertop, bookshelf, or mantel.

How cute?! A natural marble vanity tray is a great addition to your bathroom, nightstand, or table. It is ideal for cosmetics, jewelry, or keys and coins.

A beautiful, gilded green glass vase by Senliart would be a wonderful addition to your table this spring. Image those wildflowers from the farmers market in this beauty!


This nearly natural 82″ Olive tree is made of silk and has a life-like appearance. The single trunk splits into 5 separate branches and are covered in no less than 828 leaves.


This gorgeous arched mirror would be flawless is as the perfect vintage touch to any bathroom project. The gold flourish on the top and sides adds just the right amount of elegance.

Need wall art? Look no further. This gorgeous Signford framed canvas oil painting is printed onto industrial grade canvas, ensuring it’s durability. You also cannot beat the price for this 24×36 print.

Live Beautiful by Athena Calderone is the perfect coffee table book. Calderone breaks down her style details as she walks you through some of her favorite projects.


Made for Living by Amber Lewis is a national bestseller, offers friendly advice on how to layer styles for the just right look.

The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide: How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster, and Master Other Simple Pleasures by Alexandra Redgrave is the perfect home companion. From kitchen, outdoor, home, garden and grooming, this book has got you covered.


These taper candle holders are made of high-quality iron. The simple design blends an elegant feel with Nordic style.

Santal by ArmoaTech has to be one of my absolute favorites on the list. This aroma oil is infused with cardamom, papyrus, and musk giving it an aroma liking to a luxurious perfume. It is a 100% pure diffuser blend made from high quality raw and natural ingredients.

Thank you for joining us on this tour of our current top 20 budget home decor favorites from Amazon! We hope you found some inspiration and ideas for your own home. Don’t forget to check back with us for more budget-friendly decorating ideas and updates on our current favorites. Happy shopping!




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