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How to Perfectly Mix Metals in Your Home

Photo of how to perfectly mix metals that incorporate black, nickel, & brass accents via Monica Hibbs 

Hello fellow design enthusiasts!

If you’re anything like me, you love the idea of mixing metals in your home to add character and interest. But let’s be real – it can be intimidating to try and mix and match metals in a way that doesn’t look cluttered or disjointed. That’s where these tips below come in handy!


Beautiful mix of brass & polished nickel via Chris Loves Julia

If you’re looking to mix metals in your home, it can be intimidating to know where to start. The good news is that there are a few simple tips you can follow to create a cohesive and stylish look.

First and foremost, it’s important to choose a dominant metal for your space. This will serve as the foundation for your metallic mix and will help ensure that everything looks cohesive. From there, consider using a consistent finish – whether that be brushed or polished – to help tie everything together. This can be brass, copper, silver, or any other metal that you love. Your dominant metal should be used in at least 60% of the elements in your home, such as door handles, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware.

Beautiful primary of brass hardware accented with nickel via Pinterest

How to mix in a secondary metal…

Next, choose a secondary metal. This metal should be used in around 30% of the elements in your home and will serve as a complementary metal to your dominant metal. This could be a metal that is a different finish, such as brushed brass paired with polished silver. The key here is to choose a metal that will complement and enhance the look of your dominant metal, rather than compete with it. I like to pair brass hardware with polished nickel finishes because they both have a warm-toned finish that complements each other well. On the other hand, I think stainless steel or chrome hardware pairs the best with matte black finishes.


Primary of brass, with polished nickel, and small accent of black hardware via Pinterest


Finally, choose an accent metal. Use this metal sparingly, it should be around 10% or less of the elements in throughout the home. This could be a unique metal, such as rose gold or black iron, that adds a pop of interest to your space. Accent metals are a great way to add personality and character to your home, but it’s important to use them in moderation to avoid a cluttered or disjointed look.


Photo of brass primary with chrome and black accents via Chris Loves Julia

In addition to choosing your metals, it’s important to consider the style of your home. Mixing metals works best when it complements the overall style of your home. For example, a traditional home may look best with a mix of warm metals, such as brass and copper. While a modern home may look best with a mix of cool metals, such as chrome and stainless steel.

Next, remember to mix in moderation. It can be tempting to go crazy with all the different metals out there. However, it’s important to choose one or two accent metals in addition to your dominant metal to avoid a cluttered look.

By following the tips in this blog post, you’ll be able to create a cohesive look. Then you will be well on your way to mixing metals like a pro in your next remodel project.


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Happy designing!





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