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Home Pet Designs: Designing Your Dream Home with Your Furry Friend in Mind

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Hey there, fellow pet lovers!

If you’re anything like me, you know that your furry friends are more than just pets – they’re part of the family. So why not make sure that your home is just as accommodating for them as it is for you? Today, we’re talking about pet home designs specifically for you – from pet-friendly flooring options to built-in pet beds, we’ve got you and your four-legged friend covered.

First up, let’s talk about flooring. You want something durable, easy to clean, and stain-resistant for those inevitable messes. Hardwood floors might look nice, but they’re not always the most practical choice for pet owners. Instead, consider luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or tile. LVP is water-resistant and scratch-resistant, making it a great option for homes with pets. And, if you do happen to spill a little bit of water or get some scratches, it’s a lot easier to clean and maintain than hardwood. Also, it is a lower cost option than hardwood and easier for yourself or your contractor to install.

via Rite Rug Flooring

Pet Bed Designs

Next, let’s talk about built-in pet beds. They’re not just a cute addition to your home, they’re also a practical one. By having a designated spot for your pet to rest, you’re helping to keep the rest of your furniture and decor free from scratches, hair, and other pet-related messes.

via Yellow Brick Home

One pet addition I’m kind of obsessed with right now are built-in kennels. Built-in pet kennels are a fantastic way to incorporate your furry friend’s needs into your home design without sacrificing style or space. They are not only functional but can also be aesthetically pleasing, seamlessly blending into your home’s overall decor. With custom-built kennels, you can choose the size, materials, and location that work best for your pet and your home. Plus, they provide a cozy and safe space for your furry friend to retreat to when they need some alone time or a nap. Whether you have a big dog, a little dog, or even a cat, a built-in kennel can be a practical and stylish addition to your home.

via Murphy Co Design

via Decor Pad

Convenient Pet Designs

Adding pet-friendly features to your home design can go a long way in creating a comfortable and convenient space for both you and your furry friend. Built-in feeding bowls and water stations for dogs are a convenient and stylish addition to any pet-friendly home. Not only do they provide easy access to food and water for your furry friend, but they also help to keep your floors clean and tidy by containing any spills and messes. Plus, with a variety of styles and materials available, built-in feeding stations can seamlessly blend into your home’s design aesthetic. They can be made from high-end materials like marble or of something as simple of a beautifully shaped wood shelf.

via Pinterest

via Kingdom Home

If you’re a dog owner, you know that washing your furry friend can be a hassle. Not only does it make a mess in your bathroom, but it can also be hard on your back and knees. That’s why adding a dog wash area in your mud room can truly be a game-changer. By dedicating a small space in your mud room to washing your dog, you can keep the mess contained and make the process much easier on yourself. Plus, it’s a great way to show your pup some extra love and care. With an addition like this, you can create a functional and stylish dog wash area that you and your furry friend will love.

via Pinterest

I mean…. how perfect is this dog wash station by Identite Co ?!

More Helpful Pet Designs

Any dog owner knows how important it is to give your furry friend the freedom to move around your home. But sometimes, this can be a challenge – especially if there are certain areas that you would like to sometimes keep off limits. That’s where built-in dog doors come in. These cleverly designed doors are the perfect addition to any home with a furry family member. They can allow your dog to move freely between indoors and out, or from room to room without any extra effort on your part. Plus, they can be installed in a variety of locations, from exterior doors to interior walls, making it easy to create a seamless flow between your living spaces. So, if you’re tired of playing doorman for your pup, consider adding a built-in dog door to your home design.

via Scout & Nimble

These pocket doggie doors I found on Pinterest are genius!

So, there you have it, folks. A few home design ideas for pet owners that will make both you and your furry friend happy. Remember, your pets are a big part of your life, so why not make sure that your home reflects that? Happy designing!

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