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2023 Kitchen Design Trends: The Latest & Greatest in Kitchen Style

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We’re a few months into the new year, and you know what that means: it’s time to start thinking about the latest and greatest in home design trends! If you’re someone who loves to keep their kitchen looking up to date, then you’re in for a real treat because the trends for 2023 are sure to be both stylish and functional. So, without further ado, let’s dive into what you can expect to see in kitchen design this year.

Stone Slab Backsplashes

Stone is a classic material that has been popular for years, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. These stunning stone slab backsplashes are making a comeback in 2023 and are sure to add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. Whether you choose a marble, granite, or quartz, a stone slab backsplash is the perfect way to bring a touch of luxury to your space.

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via Dal Tile

Substantial Cabinet Hardware

Gone are the days of small, barely-there cabinet knobs. In 2023, substantial cabinet hardware is all the rage! From large, chunky pulls to decorative knobs and handles, this trend is all about making a statement. Whether you choose a sleek, modern look or a vintage, ornate design, substantial cabinet hardware will add a touch of personality to your kitchen.

via Whittney Parkinson Designs

Blue & Green Kitchen Cabinets

Bold, rich colors are making a comeback in kitchen design this year, and blue and green are leading the pack. Whether you choose a pale blue or a deep teal, a blue kitchen cabinet will add a pop of color to your space. Green is also a popular color for kitchen cabinets this year, with shades ranging from sage green to emerald green. If you’re looking to make a statement, then blue and green kitchen cabinets are the perfect choice.

via Studio McGee

Furniture-Style Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are no longer just for storage; they’re becoming a design feature in their own right. For a kitchen with a more traditional or cozy feel, consider incorporating furniture-style cabinets. These cabinets have a classic look, with ornate details and intricate moldings that make them feel like pieces of furniture rather than just cabinetry.

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via House of Jade

Hidden Electrical Outlets

No one wants to see cords and outlets cluttering up their kitchen, and that’s where hidden electrical outlets come in. This trend is all about creating a sleek and seamless look by hiding electrical outlets behind cabinetry or under counters. Whether you’re looking to hide a refrigerator cord or a coffee maker, hidden electrical outlets are the perfect solution.

via Better Homes and Gardens

Statement Lighting

Lighting has always been an important aspect of kitchen design, but in 2023, statement lighting is taking center stage. Whether you choose a large pendant light or a series of smaller fixtures, statement lighting is all about making a statement and adding drama to your space.

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via McGee and Co.

Rounded & Vintage-Style Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are an essential component of any kitchen, and in 2023, rounded and vintage-style islands definitely trending. Whether you choose a round island with a curved top or a vintage-style island with decorative legs, this trend is all about adding warmth and character to your kitchen.

via Whittney Parkinson Designs

via Heidi Caillier Designs

Increased Drawer Storage

In 2023, look for increased drawer storage to be a big trend in kitchen design. Drawers are a highly functional and practical option for storing pots, pans, and other kitchen essentials, and by adding more drawers to your kitchen, you can keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free.

via Dean Cabinetry

Integrated Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great way to show off your dishware, but it’s also a great option for storing cutting boards and spices. In 2023, look for integrated open shelving options that are built right into your kitchen cabinetry. This is a highly functional and stylish way to keep your cutting boards and spices close at hand, and it also adds some extra interest to your kitchen design.

via Scout & Nimble


As you can see, there are many exciting trends in kitchen design for 2023. These trends are not only beautiful, but also functional and designed to enhance your cooking and entertaining experience. From stone slab backsplashes to statement lighting, there are so many different ways to bring these trends into your own kitchen. Whether you are a seasoned home cook or simply enjoy spending time in your kitchen, these design elements are sure to make a difference in your daily life. So why not start incorporating these exciting trends into your kitchen today? Whether you want to do a complete renovation or just make a few updates, the possibilities are endless. With a little bit of inspiration and creativity, you can create the kitchen of your dreams that is both stylish and functional. So get inspired, get creative, and start making your kitchen dreams a reality!

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