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Farmhouse Makeover: Reviving a 1914 Gem with Modern Style & Vintage Charm

Hey there friends!

Today I’m so excited to share one of my favorite makeovers of this charming 1914 farmhouse! This place had so much character, but it was in desperate need of a serious style upgrade. Come on in and let me share the incredible journey of how we transformed this outdated space into a modern farmhouse haven. You won’t believe the after pictures!

Living Room Updates

First things first, that green carpet had to go! I have never been more excited to see something leave a house… I know the clients felt the same way. That old green carpet had this home looking like a cave stuck in the 1970’s. But we had plans to bring it back to life! For flooring the clients chose a gorgeous wood-look luxury vinyl plank flooring. Not only does it give off the perfect rustic vibe, but it’s also super durable, affordable, and easy to clean. Once those planks were in place, the entire living area came to life with warmth and elegance. Goodbye, green carpet, and hello to a brand-new room!

Next up, we decided to brighten things up. The team at Heritage Builders grabbed their paint brushes and started turning the walls into a stunning white canvas. Let me tell you, the difference was like night and day – the room felt bigger, brighter, and ready to make some memories with this modern family. We kept the wood window frames as is to give the windows a bit of dimension. But that wasn’t the end of our adventures! We shifted our focus to the fireplace and, with a touch of creativity, updated it with faux white brick and a custom mantel. The results? A stunning focal point that is oozing farmhouse charm and coziness.

Onto the Kitchen

Now, let’s head into the kitchen, where we faced the challenge of limited space. But don’t you worry, we had plans to tackle this challenge. Our clients decided to embrace the open-shelving concept, ditching the old, cramped upper cabinets and lower soffits. And guess what? It not only made the space feel so much larger, but it also provided extra room for storage while keeping the room bright and open. These shelves are the perfect place to display those adorable white dishes and vintage finds to add the perfect touch of personality.

To maintain that authentic farmhouse vibe, the client opted for classic white subway tiles with a bevel for a little added dimension.  We top the tile off with a warm, dark gray grout. This gives those grout lines a *pop* and reduces the look of staining on the grout over time. The contrast between the white tiles and the dark grout added depth and character to the kitchen walls. Oh, and we can’t forget about those fabulous finishing touches! We converted the sink base to allow for a stunning white fireclay farmhouse sink. It adds in the perfect touch of traditional and modern. Then they opted to get rid of the step-up bar countertop to create one large, level counter. Finishing it off with a stunning white quartz. These countertops are not only beautiful, but extremely durable. Which is perfect for a family with several young children.

Voila! Now we have a kitchen that’s both functional and beautiful, ready to impress guests and be the place everyone wants to be!

Now, Let’s Look at this Farmhouse After. . .

Like. . . what?!?? So stunning. I love working with customers that have amazing taste. It makes this job so much easier and that much more fun lol!

*Gasp* Is that white brick fireplace and stained mantle not perfection?!

The customer’s budget did not allow for new cabinets or appliances, but I think the new countertops and cabinet hardware went a long way to transform this space into something amazing!

I will always be team farmhouse sink and bridge faucet. . . *heart eye emoji*.

As we wrap up this amazing farmhouse makeover, we couldn’t be happier with the transformation. The 1914 farmhouse now shines with renewed life and style, seamlessly blending its original character with modern design elements for a modern family. It’s a place where memories will be made, where family and friends will gather, and where the beauty of the past meets the comforts of the present.

We hope this farmhouse renovation journey has helped spark the inspiration within you, encouraging you to add your personal touch to your own home. Remember, every space has the potential to become something truly extraordinary. So, stay tuned for more home design inspiration and helpful tips & tricks – we’ve got a lot of fun projects coming up! Leave me comment and let me know what you love about this remodel or what you would have done differently.

To see more home remodels, check out our page here. There are more to come in the coming weeks!



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