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Introducing Design Guides

Exciting news, everyone!

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the arrival of Design Guides, a new offering in my design services.

After much anticipation, I’m delighted to bring you an innovative solution that will simplify your interior design journey. Design Guides are here to help you achieve a cohesive and stylish look for your home’s interior without the hassle and time-consuming process of researching and sourcing each design element.

One of my favorite parts of the remodeling process is sourcing and compiling all the finishes for a stunning finished look, and now with Design Guides, I can extend that passion to you! From paint colors to lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, door hardware, and paint finishes, every detail needed will be included in these comprehensive guides.

At this time, we are only offering virtual design services for bathrooms, as well as paint color consultations. I hope to expand and offer other rooms services in the future!

Design Guides

This is actually the mood board for our main bathroom. We are hoping to find the time to tackle this remodel in the next few months or so. To see more details on the plans, check out this blog post.

The Design Guides are offered on a flat fee basis. And it doesn’t stop at bathrooms! Design Guides are also available for paint color selection, including by room basis or full exterior color scheme. Whatever your needs are, I’ve got you covered.

What sets this service apart is its flexibility and personalization. It’s completely tailored to your needs and preferences. We’ll start with an initial consultation to discuss your vision, budget, and any specific requirements you may have. To kickstart the design process, I’ll ask you to provide room measurements, several photos, or a Pinterest board showcasing your preferred design style. With this valuable information, I’ll create a Design Guide that aligns with your unique style and budget.

But that’s not all! Alongside the Design Guide, I’ll provide you with a detailed list of recommended products and a breakdown of their costs. This way, you can easily budget for your project and make informed decisions. It’s my goal to ensure transparency and empower you throughout the design journey.

Please note that our Comprehensive Design Services, are available exclusively to clients located within the Manhattan-Metro area. However, for those outside the area, I do offer Virtual Design Consultations, for bathroom remodels and color consultations. With E-Design Services, you can still benefit from remote design consultations and customized design plans that you can implement independently.


Design Guides Pricing Breakdown

To give you an idea of the pricing structure for these services, here’s a breakdown:

Color Consultations:

    • E-Design: Flat fee packages, priced depending on the level of service and deliverables.
    • Perfect for clients seeking advice on color schemes, paint selection, and coordination with existing elements


Bathroom Design Guide:

    • E-Design: Flat fee packages, priced depending on the level of service and deliverables.
    • Assists clients in choosing materials such as flooring, countertops, tile, lightings, and plumbing fixtures for a specific room.


Full-Service Design: (Comprehensive package is only available to clients local to Manhattan-Metro area)

    • Comprehensive Package: Cost varies depending on scale of project.
    • Provides a complete design solution, including space planning, material selection, color consultations, project management, and sourcing items.

These are plans I drew up for a kitchen remodel design. This design included olive green cabinets, brass hardware, with black and wood toned accents. A beautiful mix of traditional and modern.

I’m truly excited to offer these services and make interior design more accessible and affordable for everyone. Together, we can create a beautiful space that reflects your unique style and brings joy to your everyday life. If you’re ready to embark on this design journey with a Design Guide, don’t hesitate to reach out!

To inquire about our services, please fill out the survey at the link below.

Design Inquiry

Let’s transform your space and create something truly remarkable together. Get started today!

Remodel work done by Heritage Builders. 




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